Mazda 323

since 1985 release

Repair and operation of the car

Mazda 323

+ Introduction
+ Petrol engines
+ Engine lubrication system
- Engine cooling system
   Contour of cooling liquid
   Antifrizny concentrate
   Replacement of cooling liquid
   Check of tightness of the cooling system
   Removal and installation/check of the thermostat
   Removal and installation of the water pump
   Removal and installation of a radiator
   Removal and installation of the motor of the fan
   Check of a thermoswitch
+ System of ignition
+ Power supply system, carburetor, system of injection of fuel
+ Diesel engine
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ Coupling
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Suspension bracket and system of steering
+ Brake system
+ Wheels and tires, body, coloring of the car, care of the car
+ System of electric equipment
+ Heater, system of lighting, devices
+ Governing bodies and methods of operation
+ Electric circuits

Check of tightness of the cooling system

Tightness of the cooling system and operation of the reducing valve in a cover of a radiator can be checked by means of the special device. Such device can be bought in the specialized centers.


  1. To uncover a radiator and to check a branch pipe and a cover for existence of a rust and deposits of lime, if necessary to remove them.

To uncover only if the radiator is cooled at least up to the temperature of hands, differently there is a danger to be scalded by hot cooling liquid. For safety to lay a rag around a branch pipe.

  1. To screw a connecting element of the test device instead of a radiator cover.
  1. To create in system pressure pumping. Pressure has to be about 1,1 Bars.
  2. The created pressure has to remain to constants 2 minutes. If pressure falls, to find untight places in the cooling system.
  3. To reduce pressure and to slowly unscrew a connecting element.

Check of the reducing valve


  1. The reducing valve is in a radiator cover. In its task enters to open the cooling system at emergence of excessive pressure and to return the flowing liquid in a broad tank.
  1. For check to screw a radiator cover on the test device.
  1. To create pressure. To load the valve with pressure of 0,7 - 1,0 Bars. In 10 seconds to check whether pressure decreased. If pressure decreased, the cover should be replaced.

Valve check of the lowered pressure


  1. The valve of the lowered pressure also is in a radiator cover. After cooling of cooling liquid in system it allows liquid to follow from a tank.
  1. To take out the valve of the lowered pressure and to check whether completely it is closed at an otpuskaniye. If it is closed not completely or laying is damaged, the cover should be replaced.
  1. To screw a cover on a radiator, in case of damage to replace rubber laying.