Mazda 323

since 1985 release

Repair and operation of the car

Mazda 323

+ Introduction
+ Petrol engines
+ Engine lubrication system
- Engine cooling system
   Contour of cooling liquid
   Antifrizny concentrate
   Replacement of cooling liquid
   Check of tightness of the cooling system
   Removal and installation/check of the thermostat
   Removal and installation of the water pump
   Removal and installation of a radiator
   Removal and installation of the motor of the fan
   Check of a thermoswitch
+ System of ignition
+ Power supply system, carburetor, system of injection of fuel
+ Diesel engine
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ Coupling
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Suspension bracket and system of steering
+ Brake system
+ Wheels and tires, body, coloring of the car, care of the car
+ System of electric equipment
+ Heater, system of lighting, devices
+ Governing bodies and methods of operation
+ Electric circuits

Removal and installation/check of the thermostat

The thermostat when heating the engine opens a contour of course of cooling liquid through a radiator. If the thermostat because of malfunction remains is closed, the engine overheats. It is visible on increase of indications of the index of temperature on the dashboard while the radiator remains cold. The faulty thermostat can also remain abroach after liquid cooling. It is visible that the engine does not reach or reaches very slowly the working temperature, or in the winter the heater does not reach the full capacity.

If the engine after a short trip becomes hot, maybe, that the radiator got littered because of lime adjournment, the fan failed or the belt became torn maple (except the diesel engine).

The thermostat is on the left side in a head of cylinders behind an inlet branch pipe of cooling liquid.



  1. To merge cooling liquid and to collect it, see the Section Routine maintenance.
  1. To disconnect a hose of cooling liquid, previously having weakened and having completely shifted a collar.
  1. To switch-off the thermoswitch plug-1. The thermoswitch is on a final branch pipe of cooling liquid-3-.
  2. To weaken 2 bolts of fastening and to remove the final union-3-with laying-4-and the thermostat-5-.



  1. To slowly heat the thermostat in the container with water. At the same time the thermostat should not concern vessel walls. The thermostat has to be completely shipped in water. To control temperature the suitable thermometer.
  1. At a temperature of +82 °C (diesel: +86 °C) the thermostat has to begin to open.

Opening temperature depending on the thermostat can differ. Its value is installed on the thermostat.

  1. At a temperature of +95 °C (diesel: +100 °C) the thermostat has to be completely open, it means that the gate has to depart from an emphasis at least on 8,5 mm.
  2. To check that when cooling the thermostat was completely closed, otherwise it should be replaced.



  1. To insert the thermostat into the case so that the pin was over the gate.
  2. To insert new laying of the thermostat by the pressed party to a head of cylinders.
  3. To tighten fastening bolts with effort of 25 Nanometers.
  4. To connect the plug.
one-stage type
  1. To attach a hose of cooling liquid and to fix by a collar.
  1. To fill in cooling liquid, see the Section Routine maintenance.
  2. To warm up the engine and to check unions for tightness, perhaps carefully to tighten fastening bolts.